⚗️🛀🇧🇪 After the most delightful stay at the Buchinger Wilhelmi Bodensee clinic, to meet with Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo and her marvellous staff and family, and in order to reset my health for the rest of the winter, I’m experimenting 36 hours of dried fast (neither drink nor beverage) + sauna + cleansing + enema ; and I’m trying to hold on till tomorrow. Thanks to my beautiful lover Pimp Me Green – Sarah Juhasz for her support and monitoring, not everyone has an expert in naturopathy (and a stunningly good looking expert) at home. Thanks Miguel Barthéléry, my other favorite naturopath (equally good looking and caring and expert) for his precious counselling. 🤪 congratulations are welcome ;-) #maviedhygieniste 🎥 All the footage gathered there will be integrated to my film THE SLOW FAST WALK with Florian Gomet ➡️ http://bit.ly/2FWuccC 🔎 Un peu de lecture sur le jeûne : http://bit.ly/2GcdLZ0 Photo @Planète.D

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