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Crowfunding for my film project: fatbike raw food adventure on Nicaragua’s volcanos

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My ongoing project “The Seed And The Volcano“, which name I’m swapping for “¡ Tuani !” *, now reaches a new phase.

It’s a raw foodists fatbike adventure on Nicaragua’s volcanos, and an investigation on raw food impact over health and environment as well as a documentary about sustainable organic farming in Nicaragua (yes all that in one film…)

Spicee, The French TV which is going to broadcast the film started a crowdfunding to support my work and pay for the shooting/editing – as you know, I make all my films with hardly any moneya nd on my own. But if becoming co-producer (even with a very small contribution) and support me means something to you, there you go (there’s an English version, just switch):–2


To be helpful, even 5 € makes a difference!

Share around with people you think will be willing to contribute and find it useful

Thanks for your attention 🙂–2–2

Trust me on bringin back to you a film which is going to be clever and interesting, colorful and tasty, open minded and curious,  and shall open up new ways of being/feeling well, happiness and health!

Thanks for reading,

and may your life be TUANI !


* Tuani means “super cool” in Spanish slang from Nicaragua 🙂

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