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New old films from Planète.D’s worldtour with subtitles in 7 languages

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Here’s what happent when I started dusting off a rack of old back-up hard-drives: I found back our very first serie of films!

6 films, running time 35 min each, with subtitles in French, English, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Turkish – or Bulgarian on some episodes. Crazy, uh?

So here they are, available on Vimeo as a cheap serie: compared to our 52 min long feature films from The Grand Detour serie, they contain a whole bunch of scenes you’ve never seen, and the serie comes along with several bonus videos 🙂


Planète.D’s original worldtour serie


You can also rent and watch the regular (ah-ah) edit of the worldtour, cut in 3 episodes of 52 minutes each, along with a bunch of bonus videos too.


Planète.D’s 3 x 52 min cut of the worldtour serie


The first 30 people using the following promo code will enjoy a 10% save on top of the ridiculous price of the series – less than 6 $ for 6 films!



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