[Lems Shoes #2] Vulnerable and secure, with an orange sunset to top it all

Ay! I didn’t plan it but it so happent that yesterday I found myself alone on the top of a mountain, with my Lems Shoes on, my camera quite close, and a late afternoon to fill up with exploration and “vagabondages”. It was the right time for a running try-out of those Primal 2 Teal […]

[Lems Shoes #1] My new shoes are so light it feels like being naked

Hello everyone, earthlings, animals of all sorts, people, life. As some of you have the priviledge to be aware of, I have ugly feet. And it’s been now 2 years that I run with minimalist shoes which remind me of that tragical fact with every step I take. I’ve hunted for the right shoes. I […]