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Nordic Cab wins Planète.D’s best sponsor award ;-)

They’ve been on board for quite a while.


Chapter One: the cold

In 2010 when we launched our Iceland adventure, they provided us with a beautiful blue Nordic Cab where Lirio, our first daughter, travelled along from age 9 months to age 1 year.

Chapter Two: the warmth

This blue cab was replaced by a red one in 2013 when Luce – 6 month old –  joined Lirio and we travelled across Northern Spain.


Chapter Three: the frozen

Now that Damien’s getting ready for a small local project, the Nordic Cab team did it again! Damien and his friend Fred are going to ride their fatbikes across the Vercors Range next month, and the generous Nordic Cab people have shipped 2 full, brand new, Multicombo cabs: they switch from wheel-carts for kids to ski-cart for cargo in no-time and they’ll be the perfect match for what the boys have in mind. Stay tuned for more infos!

Thanks Erik, Dagfinn and the NC team, forever grateful 🙂


Of course there is no such thing as a Planète.D’s best sponsor award, we like our all sponsors the same, but Nordic Cab has been faithful and utterly available/reliable for such a long time that we thought this deserved an acknowledgement.

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