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Screenings in France and abroad

We offer an all-in-one solution: we’re autonomous and provide all the equipment needed to set up a screening anywhere. Regardless to the actual location, we perform a dynamic, original cultural animation (our films are modern, full of interesting encounters and backed-up by a solid sense of humor) which promotes authentic and beautiful human values (solidarity, hospitality, initiative, work, open-mindness and tolerance).

Get in touch to set up a screening


Animations for all audiences

There are no limitations to the kind of audiences we can address:
– kids (animations in primary and elementary schools) with short videos and workshops with the tent, the bicycle, etc.,
– teenagers (in technical or profesionnal schools, in college…),
– adults (townhall, cultural centers, festivals, associations, cinemas, companies…)
– elders (nursing homes, elders associations…).

Thorough performances

Our speech and performances are founded on the following values:
– a healthy lifestyle, sober and happy,
– environment-friendly means of transportation, running, hiking, skiing or cycling through nature
– initiative, will to undertake, team work and communication, spirit for adventure, and the faith in our ability to make a lot with little!
– the discovery fo the  world and its inhabitants as they really are and not as the media showcase them, far from their constant ramble about security issues and violence, to promote the hospitality and the fraternity we always get on our trips
– cultural insights on the countries we travel across (Tibet, Untouchable in India, icelandic farmers and their beliefs, food in Asia, Balkanic traditions)

Auprès des jeunesfestival des globe trotters Massy

A relevant price

Let’s talk about money: as an independent film maker and professional speaker, Damien usually asks for 490 €  per screening, to which is added the official URSSAF rate of his category – 0,46 € per kilometer – for the travel expanses.

This bill includes

– all the equipement (projector, computer,  sound system) and its management
– a full performance, with introduction, screening, speech, exchange wth the audience, for a 2 hour (give and take a moment) animation

For a simple meeting (around the tent or the bicycle, for instance with young kids) price is usually 250 € without travel expanses.

Be aware that:
– Damien earns around a SMIC (French minimum legal wage), shares his earnigs with Delphine, and he’s always open to discussion about his prices, so don’t hesitate to ask him straightforwadly
– if we work together to set up a complete row of screenings and thus a full tour, the travel expanses are shared among everyone, making the final price even more affordable

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