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A single Dad with his 2 daughters travel to document happiness from 3 axis – how to rise again after a break-up, savour small and grand sources of joy, and collect jokes… Trailer!

“You know what? I simply felt moved and captivated! I loved it! Don’t change a bit! Thanks for this shared moment of love and emotion. Your girls are awesome. Cheers!”

Laurent Bignolas (Thalassa, Faut pas rêver, Explô, Télématin…)

“I’m in! Congratulations, can’t wait to see the rest!”

Nans THOMASSEY (Nus & Culottés)

“An infinite thank you for this touching work, breathtakingly beautiful, both in the sceneries and the sequences with your two little princesses who are the very definition of the joy of life, and which I hope to inspire myself to feed my daily life in a lighter and more fulfilling way.”


“To share online your emotions and feelings and those of your daughters brings to other homes the sweetness and attention to children at large. It’s a real strength that you have, congratulations to you, congratulations to you all :-)”

When your lover leaves you, does your world fall apart?
HAPPY-GO-LUCKY: a shorts series to answer with a smile…

“Happiness is a tricky thing: hard to find it inside yourself and nonehteless impossible to find elsewhere.”


It says it all: happiness is in us. But it’s under various and mixed influences. For example, having kids then breaking-up doesn’t help much anyone on the way to happiness… But it’s far from being the end of it all! Being happy is at the crossroads between making a mayonnaise, walk on a slackline and believe in some supernatural power, it depends much on the context but mostly on how we perceive it. Right? There’s no global solution, no recipe. To some extend, you can make it if you decide it.

“I decided to be happy, because it’s healthy.”


Episode #1 : Nour, the camp of Light

Choose your own pricing 🙂

All the series episodes are available at your own pricing (which doesn’t mean for free :-). A full episode is available up there. Watch it, enjoy it and then donate with the button down below. From 4 or 5 € and on per viewer, you’re allowing me to keep doing this work, that I make on me spare time for free. Lirio, Luce and me hope to maintain this project going for a long while, and we believe this can be accessible for everyone (a belief led by the numerous positive and moved feedbacks we get) so I leave the access free.

But I trust you to give value to our effort, thanks 🙂

In Morocco with Lahcen, a desert prince and lover of camels, light and jokes!

This 26 min episode is the first of the serie. It was shot in a few days in Morocco. Planète.D seeks a producer/distributor to keep going! Write to me 🙂

Episode #2 : The Praise of Fantasy

Choose your own pricing 🙂

Les épisodes de la série vous sont proposés à prix libre (ce n’est pas la même chose que gratuit, nuance ! :-). L’épisode intégral est disponible ci-dessus. Regardez-le et ensuite, faites un don avec le bouton ci-dessus. A partir de 5 € par spectateur et par épisode, vous permettez de viabiliser cette œuvre réalisée sur mon temps libre sans aucun financement. Lirio, Luce et moi espérons la poursuivre longtemps encore, et par conviction que cela doit être vu et partagé (conviction appuyée par les nombreux retours émus et enthousiastes) je laisse l’accès libre.

Je compte sur vous ! Merci.

The Triple Goal

When the Mum of my daughters left me, I was so shocked, in my head I stopped living. I felt trapped in a slow motion clip, like a drop of water in steam. We had experienced so much together… I sincerely believed we were unbreakable. But yet did we break up. My engine stalled.

Ever since, I did start again. And observed something quite disturbing. My joy and happiness never failed me. Obviously, I have ups-and-downs, I’m not fooling anyone. Doubts and questions too. Tons of souvenirs to make my heart melts and my hands shake.

The girls and I talked about it. They too sometimes feel in the grasp of sadness or melancholy. But at their age, kids are somewhat automatically happy, as long as the parents are okay, together or not. Where does it hurt, then? did I ask candidely.

“At the heart”, they told me quite simply: “Your break up means there’s always one of you two we miss…”

These particular words triggered the will in me to investigate the subject.

To visit other broken families and see how they cope, how they preserve happiness.

As for my daughters…

Luce is our little clown.
“Your break-up, I’m not going to get mad over it forever!”, says she “Me, I need to laugh a lot. “. She wants to collect jokes. Isn’t it a sweet idea?

Lirio is the sweetest little girl, always ready to cuddle and full of romance. “The break-up actually brought good things too. New projects, new people, and our parents are doing good…”, she reckons. She wants to question people on their sources of joy. At an early age she’s already quite versed in human relationships and emotions.

So here we are, a happy-go-lucky team on the road to adventure, encounters and happiness of all types, colors and shapes.

« Huge amont of small moments of joy make our overall happiness grow better than a  few grand satisfactions. »

– Epictète

The Kiddos-reporters

The kids point of view may differ. As we discussed above, children rely much on their prents’s happiness to feel alright, should the said parents be still together or not. At their early age, they’re spontaneously light-hearted, and at the same time my girls are very mature, they’re able to analyse various, deep and subtle emotions. It’s a time of growing for them, inside and outside. We do talk a lot about everything that makes life. We work on putting out our emotions into words and we did discuss this breakup a lot. It’s not weird for them to questions themselves and others about this very topic. Even if their natural irientation goes for more basic things and needs, of course.

Luce and Lirio were born in the French Alps. 5 and 8 years old, they’ve already travelled a fair bit, and it all started pretty early: Lirio celebrated her first birthday in Iceland under hail and snow ; Luce was 6 month old in the Spanish mountains under the heat

To be staged in front of their Dad’s camera, they know all about it: films, videos, photos… they take part in most of his creations! In Iceland, they were looking for the ueen of the Elves, in Spain, the team was documenting the autonomous ecovillages.

Luce and Lirio like skiing, dancing, biking and Nature. Lirio wants to make a job out of her love for Nature: protect the environment and the animals and tach human beings to care for them and look after them. Luce wants to help people “because it brings joyness in one’s heart”.

Each of us has his/her mission!

Luce hunts for good jokes, Lirio investigates on happiness, and Damien digs into the subject of breakups.

Luce and Lirio shall have their own camera, and will be able to use it their way, under their Dad’s guidance. We want to let them express their spontaneous ideas. Let them be creative. The way they want, when they want. If they want.

Isn’t it cool?

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