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A fruity/freeride/fatbike adventure on Nicaragua’s volcanos


DVD - Tuani - 15 €

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The film

“¡Tuani!” (which means “super cool” in Nicaragua), it’s the story of two friends, Tibo & Dams, who share a passion for mountainbiking/freeriding and the love for raw food and travels. No wonder they embark on a journey across Nicaragua, realm of abundance for fruit and volcanos lovers! Eating only local fruit and veggies, the two mates set out on a mission: freeride on a volcano, run on others. Dams has been running and biking long distances all his life, and he has been eating raw for nearly 7 years now, whereas Tibo switched to raw food 2 years prior to the trip and only has been training himself to mountain trail for 10 months… their favorite lifestyle is indeed going to be put to the test! Yet Tibo is an experienced freerider and wishes to perform some stunts on the volcanos! Well… there’s a catch: the heat cuts dry their hopes, and then, a volcano, it’s not a sweet little hill with a sign posted trail – more like a huge heap of loose rocks, ashes, crevasses and canyons, threatening to erupt anytime! Fruit are available by the plenty, true enough, and the locals are lovely  welcoming people, but will this be enough for Tibo and Dams to complete their mission?

More than just another crazy sport adventure, the film “¡Tuani!” also investigates on the impact of (raw) food on our world: what does raw food bring forward as far as health and energy go? how can raw food help us face our contemporary environmental issues? what kind of agriculture is suitable for the future of a developping country like Nicaragua? “¡Tuani!”, a fruity/freeride/fatbike adventure on Nicaragua’s volcanos!

 HD film, length: 52 min

film selected by the following festivals
FFA : Festival du Film d’Aventure 2016 (La Rochelle, France) Globetrotters 2017 (Paris, France)WAT 2017 (Montpellier, France)



What it’s about…

1/ performing an expedition with fatbikes, on the lake Nicaragua and its volcanos, eating raw vegan food and submitting ourselves to a medical follow-up and analysis to show that raw vegan diet can match with heavy-duty sports/travel requirements, and also…

2/ investigate and interview experts to show how sustainable such a lifestyle / diet could be, and its potential to help solve our contemporary problems (global warming, hunger, health care and the vanishing of natural ressources), with also…

3/ interviews, testimonies and meet-up with raw food producers and consumers for a how-to-get-started practical guide.


What it’s not about…

It’s not about being radical, trying to convince the whole world to do like us and pester you with lectures. We don’t aim at blindly turning you all to raw vegan foodists. Geography, topography, cultures, societies, economics, are just so many crucial parameters in everyone’s ability to follow this lifestyle. We are aware of that!

What’s the point then?

We’re trying to imagine a world with no or very (very) little cattle and food/cereals industry. We’re trying to envision how the planet would look like if agriculture was mainly meant to feed raw vegan foodists. We want to show/proove that this lifestyle is perfectly suitable for us sport addicts and travel addicts and also allows us to drastically reduce our impact on our environment. There you go!


More photos there.


The filmmaker

For Damien, this project is the crossroad where naturally, were meant to meet: his taste for sport and fatbiking; his love for travels and nature; and his involvement in vegan raw foodism* as a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Let’s then mix all those ingredients, spice them up a bit with a haze of craziness and a slip of challenge, sweeten them with exotism and add a dose of serious with a rational medical analysis, and what do we get? un new Planète.D project which breaks the major rules for sports and adventure in our culture. Shall we give it a try?

Damien really seems to be the one guy to launch on such a project: he rides a fatbike ever since they got to France (and already made 2 films on the subject) ; he’s been following a raw vegan lifstyle for several years already (and started in 2009/2010, as explained in his film “Irène” which counts several tens of thousands of views on Youtube) ; his dedication to sustainability and environmental/animal causes is obvious through his many writting on the topic.

For this project, Damien takes along with him his mate Tibo, aka Raw Bull. He’s this obvious partner: passionate by raw vegan food and accomplished freerider, Tibo rode his mountain bike back and forth between France and Turky in 2015, collecting freeride spots and feeding on fruit, berries, roots and herbs! Not everyone can claims so much…

Communication Plan

The film is funded and will be broadcast worlwide by Spicee TV ; it will also be screened at festivals worldwide, and the project will become a serie in magazins, starting with Le Chou Brave. Radio interviews and pieces in others magazins are also planned, Damien regularly performs such things. Social networks will be flooded with great pictures and articles! The dedication of a great television to our project tells a lot about the shift that is taking place.

Majors Sponsors

Draille Bike, aka Loïs, provides Tibo with a great weapong, a fatbike by the brand Nicolai – Loïs being their French retailer. A fatbike meant for this: freeriding down the slopes of any mountains! And our bikes are equipped with tires provided by Thailand leading manufacturer VeeTire through its French distributor Frenchys.

Manoel and his merchant site 5Doigts2Pieds, already Planète.D’s partner, provides 2 pairs of Vibram 5 Fingers Spyridon for the trail parts.

The Fatbikes

Tibo shall ride the Nicolai lent by Draille Bike ; Dam’ will make use of the fatbike that Planète.D owns, Jackie Frost, made by Salamandre.

As far as fuel goes…

Among others:

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*This obviously will take place inside the raw vegan food lifestyle that Damien and Thibaut have undertaken years ago, a way of eating and making food that is founded on everything that brings true happiness to their bodies, brings them energy and sustain their health:

  • vast quantities of fresh fruit
  • vegetables, herbs
  • germinated seeds
  • sea weeds

All of which from the highest quality standards: at least organic, natural, with the most direct route from producer to consumer. That’s how Damien runs every aspects of his life now – daily routine, family, sport, travels – and he believes it’s like an armed grenade that will make our view of food and health explode, knock down our consumption habits and allow us to feed the world in a sustainable, healthy and powerful way.


The two fellow fatbikers are aware that the expedition might force them to smoothen their selection criteria as far as quality and freshness go, but that’s also the proper opportunity to test out vegan raw foodism in harsh conditions. It will trigger interesting exchanges and meetings with the locals to seek for food and learn about their traditional ways of eating.

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Excerpts from Damien’s film “Irène, diary of a food transition


Why a volcano?

  1. It’s an arid, desert or semi-desert area in which put vegan raw foodism to the test – a hard test.
  2. It’s a mountain which slopes are supposedly regular and fun to ride.
  3. It’s the fire of the Earth, a planet-sized allegory of cooking, and thus a strong symbol for our challenge.




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