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Our photo exhibitions are available for rent: set-up, “guided tour”, animation, everything’s possible!


i _le g r a n d d é t o u r_

37 fine quality photo prints – formats ranging from 60x40cm till 115x30cm – identifying 17 countries over the 22 covered by our world tour: stills capturing the essence of the place and the moment.
Le Grand Détour - EXPO

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ii_n o m a n i c e l a n d_

6 vertical posters, fine photo prints, format 80 cm x 2 meters, mixing text and photos, compose this accurate and cultural exhibition which will allow you to get to know Iceland and to discover its essence – culture, geography, folk tales and stories – as well as getting a hint of what traveling with a baby is like.No Man Iceland - EXPO

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You can order the prints.

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