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The DNews

DNews is the name of our newsletter. In the DNews not only do we keep people updated on our screenings, releases and stuff but mostly we talk about everything: love, funny stories, jokes… life. The DNews can take the form of a short-story, a tribune, an essai, a movie script, it’s many things at once, but there’s only one like it… DNews ! To subscribe to it (it’s in French most of the time), get in touch there.

On the road again

For all the regular news, official announcements, insights tips and tricks – there is the Road-Blog. A travel-blog, a life-blog live from us.


Finally, to know where we’re going to screen what, which festivals we’re going to attend, and so on, we share online our agenda.

Initialement publié le / Originally posted on 14 October 2014 @ 1:34 pm

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