[¡Tuani!] Editing tunnel

When you’re in love, nothing’s too much. right now I’m in an editing tunnel. Film editors know what I mean… So what’s up?   It means I’m fully inhabited by my film, I think about it, dream about it, breathe it, sweat it, live it, I wake up at night under the influence of inspiration […]

Our films in streaming for less than 2 €

Films are meant to be watched. Hence Damien’s decision to lower the prices to make them available for everyone to enjoy. You can get all our adventure films now for less than 2 through our Vimeo account. And furthermore, some are free, like “Autarcies” or “Irène“. And you, what do you think is the fair […]

New old films from Planète.D’s worldtour with subtitles in 7 languages

Here’s what happent when I started dusting off a rack of old back-up hard-drives: I found back our very first serie of films! 6 films, running time 35 min each, with subtitles in French, English, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Turkish – or Bulgarian on some episodes. Crazy, uh? So here they are, available on Vimeo […]