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[#VanLife] Dawn ath the feet of the giants

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  • 8 June 20228 June 2022
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🇬🇧️ Van life is a guilty pleasure (in the environmental meaning) and in the same time it allows for a constant immersion into Nature – paradox? Typical human contradiction? Thus, daily routines, such as… reading – can happen at the dead-end of a narrow mountain road, and the motorised vagabond can indulge in them surrounded by majestic summits, nested in a deep forest and hushed by the soft sound of a dripping Spring. So, how do you like my reading spot of the week-end?

🇬🇧 Sharing improves society 🤝✅

🇬🇧 PS Nope, I don’t necessarily share #vanlife sunset pictures on the beach featuring a brand new campervan… instead of selling dream, I’d rather appreciate realistic beauty.

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